The Long Lost Grave – Wynand Du Toit


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The famous recce, operator, POW, public speaker and author have partnered with RECORDARE to supply an online outlet for his books – all books will be signed by the author himself.

When freelance journalist Robert du Bois went into the Tsitsikamma forest in search of the famous Knysna elephants, he got seriously more than he bargained for…
With the aid of the tempestuous ranger Cathy Moore, the search took them from the rain forest to the ocean, facing man-eating sharks and the greed of ruthless men…
Written thirty years ago by South Africa’s most famous prisoner-of-war Captain Wynand du Toit while in detention, the story depicts his yearning for freedom and ho he ‘escaped’ the confines of his prison walls.

Subjected to the scrutiny of his Cuban captors, he had to steer carefully away from the military to avoid further questions and interrogation. Hence the adventure into the beauty of the Tsitsikamma Forests on the south-eastern coast of South Africa.

ISBN: 978-1-28405-28-3

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