SA Railways Police: 1934-1986



A limited number of specially commissioned commemorative coins to remember the SA Railways Police (1934-1986), Special Task Force(1980-1986) and Association(1975-1986) have been struck by RECORDARE and a few are now available to collectors. This is your only chance to acquire these commemorative coins, either individually or as a set.

The SARP Special Task Force was formed on 24 October 1975. Originally two combat units were trained at the Infantry School at Oudtshoorn. These two units were deployed across South Africa. The unit did periodic border duties and during the 1976 riots they played a prominent part in VIP protection.
In 1980 an urban group was formed under Col. A. F. Horak and since then eight basic courses were offered in the Task Force. The existence of the Task Force was secret until they were deployed during the hijacking of an Air India Boeing 707 in 1981.
Until March 1985 only the commander and the instructors were permanent members while the other members performed other duties. In March 1985 the unit was transferred to Esselen Park near Kempton Park. The unit was disbanded 1986 and the members were incorporated into the SAP on the 1st of October 1986.
The Task Force was respected by many Local and Foreign Special Forces units and were on par with most of these units. The men that served in the Special Task Force will never be forgotten and we pay special tribute to those members that have passed on. They will forever be in our memories. Visit their website at and learn more about these men who were sometimes referred to as the ‘bliksems’.