Judas Goat – Wynand Du Toit


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The famous recce, operator, POW, public speaker and author have partnered with RECORDARE to supply an online outlet for his books – all books will be signed by the author himself.

Judas Goat:
During May 1985, a South African Special Forces Team, consisting out of nine operators, landed on a beach in the oil-rich province of Cabinda in Angola. Their target was the six massive oil-storage tanks. The subsequent fire fight led to the death of two soldiers and the capture of Captain Wynand du Toit. This meant only one thing: Betrayal!

Read in his own words of this harrowing experience and the pain of his incarceration, the happenings behind the scenes and the realization that this was just an opening move that would eventually mislead the South African population to end the war in Angola and the independence of Namibia.

Judas Goat promises to take the reader on an unbelievable journey of hardship, suffering and betrayal. This eventually results in Wynand du Toit becoming a household name in South Africa.


Read more of this remarkable ex-soldier here: http://wynanddutoit.com

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